Individual Therapy

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Helping Individuals Find More Calm,
Connection, and Meaning

Anxiety and Stress

You’re constantly worried and struggle to relax. You alternate between overthinking and numbing out. The anxiety might even be impacting you physically–a tightness in your chest, an upset stomach, or a tension headache. You wish anxiety took up less space in your life and that you could experience more calm.

Relationship Challenges

You may be feeling increasingly disconnected from your partner. You might question if you’re in the right relationship, wonder why you can’t find a partner, or need to process the ending of a major relationship. You yearn to find a deeply loving and trusting relationship, but intimacy and vulnerability are hard.

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work, family responsibilities, and self-care feels impossible. Being devoted to your career makes you feel guilty for not spending more time with loved ones. And when you spend time with loved ones, you often feel depleted and not fully present. Your health suffers, as do your relationships. Somehow, in your attempt to show up for it all, you lose yourself and feel burned out.

Job Burnout and Career Pivots

Maybe you’ve reached your career goals only to find you’re not fulfilled. You might have difficulty feeling motivated at work or find that you’re increasingly irritable and disconnected. Maybe you dream of a change, but you’re afraid of making such a big transition. You just don’t know if and how you can pivot.

Cultural Issues

The intersection of different cultural identities and values permeates how you interact at home, work, and in the larger world. You want a therapist who understands this and can work with a nuanced cultural lens. You may be experiencing cultural clashes in your relationships with your parents or partner. Different values, needs, and communication styles lead to increased conflict and disconnection. You want to find a way to accept inherent differences, reduce conflict, and preserve important values and boundaries.


You struggle with falling or staying asleep.  You find that your mind becomes more active at night, running through a rolodex of worries that only make it harder to sleep. You also worry about how your lack of sleep will impact other areas of your life. You crave a good night’s rest and wonder if you’ll ever sleep well again.

How I Help

My approach to individual therapy is grounded in evidence-based treatments. I primarily utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and also integrate mind-body techniques. 

ACT is a scientifically-grounded approach to therapy that teaches you how to better accept and cope with painful thoughts and feelings so that they have less of an impact and influence in your life. You learn to accept what’s out of your control, shift your energy towards taking committed action in areas you can control, and pivot towards building a rich and meaningful life that reflects your core values.

I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). CBT-I is a brief course of treatment (an average of 6-8 sessions) that includes assessment, sleep tracking, and teaches concrete strategies to promote improved sleep quality and quantity.