About Dhruvi Kakkad, Ph.D.


Hi, I'm Dhruvi

I’ve been in private practice for over 15 years, first in NYC and now in Nashville, TN.

It is one of my life’s greatest privileges to walk alongside people as they work to become more fully themselves, less burdened by unhelpful thoughts and habits, living more expansive and fulfilling lives.

Professional Background

I have extensive clinical experience in university counseling centers and hospitals, including Vanderbilt University, NYU Counseling and Behavioral Health Services, Bellevue Hospital, and the Department for Veterans Affairs. I am a culturally-sensitive practitioner and deeply value working with a diverse client population. 

I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Swarthmore College, where I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. I completed my Doctorate at Fordham University in NYC, followed by an APA-accredited Internship at the Vanderbilt University-Department of Veterans Affairs Consortium. I then completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at NYU’s Counseling and Behavioral Health Services.

I have also worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching a number of masters and doctoral level psychology courses, including professional ethics, clinical supervision, and multicultural counseling. Additionally, my writings have been published in scientific journals. 

Core Values
That Inform My Work








More About Me

As an immigrant who moved to the US from India at the age of 5, I’ve always been keenly interested in how people think about themselves, how they interact with the world around them, and what fosters people’s resilience.

I have a personal and professional interest in issues of social justice, and have worked with domestic and international nonprofits organizations serving survivors of torture, child trafficking, and refugee trauma. Currently, I’m involved in volunteering for more local social issues.

Raised in Nashville, I lived in NYC for nearly 20 years before moving back to Tennessee with my husband and two children.


Things That Interest Me

Traveling to different corners of this big, beautiful world

It continually opens my eyes to new ways of being and doing, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and makes me feel deeply connected to the beauty of humanity and the earth. 

Experimenting in the kitchen

Cooking is a ritual that allows me to slow down, be present, and share with others. And the mixing of flavors and ingredients from my homeland, and from the many places I’ve traveled and yearn to travel, ties together my love of food and culture.

Being more in the present moment (an imperfect practice)

Life moves quickly these days. I believe that practicing small moments of mindfulness allows us to absorb little moments of magic in our day, and cues us to notice how we feel and what we might need.

Remembering that grown-ups also need to play

Being an adult is hard work, and we’re often bogged down by the daily noise of our lives and the larger world. It’s important to find moments to laugh, dance, explore, and have fun.

Finding big and small ways to make the world feel kinder, healthier, and more sustainable

As a human, mom, and psychologist, I am deeply invested in finding ways to bridge divides, cultivate compassion, and take better care of each other and our planet.